If anyone is still watching this...I've moved (cyber-wise, though soon physically, too).
Yeah, you probably figured that out.

(No, China's still blocking LJ with the Great Firewall, but I finally found a proxy server that will still let me log in!)

Anyway, if you are still interested in reading about my adventures in China, they are now located at http://blog.dimsummary.com , and my many lovely pictures can be found at http://picasaweb.google.com/middlekmissie .

I hope you are still interested, and with this new website, you can also use RSS or email notifications to keep track of me.

--Missie Kay
(Lissa_Maylee, 何潇潇,柯梅莉,柯云潇, XiaoXiao or any other name you might have known me by.)
This Little Light

At Sally's House

Whoa, another update from Missie? And so soon? Well, I'm feeling motivated lately, and I'm leaving tomorrow on spring break. I thought it'd be pretty pathetic if I couldn't get my winter break report finished before spring break!

After I left Happy's house, I went to another student's home; her English name is Sally. I was nervous before visiting Happy, because we hadn't been close before, I didn't feel that way about visiting Sally, as we were already good friends. (I did get much closer to Happy through the course of my visit with her.)

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Remember! You can click on any photo to see more at my Picasa Web Album. This trip, especially, had lots of beautiful pictures.

Staying at Happy's House

Well, now that we're at midterms in the spring term, it's a great time to talk about some more of my in-between-terms vacation, right?


Okay, so it's been a long time. This term has flown by.

The rest of this vacation was spent at the homes of two different students. The first student lives in Fenggang (Dongguan), which is a suburb of a good-sized city near Guangzhou, and her name is Happy. In her home, there are: her father, her older brother, younger sister (April), and her little cousin (Jenny). Her mother came home for the New Year's holiday, too.

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My final vacation post should be coming in the next few days. I say should, because I never seem to move as fast as I think I will on these things. I do want to get it done before I leave for the May (week-long) vacation, though.

P.S. I realized that I never mentioned: click on any of the pictures to go to my Picasa web album, where there are more photos.

Chengdu, Part 2

Sorry for the long delay, but I was trying to figure out a good way to bypass the filter on the school's internet. Apparently, most blog sites are currently not allowed. Grrr... They did this before, but only for about a week, and this time it's at about 18 days.

Anyway, I obviously figured out a way around that, it's just annoying, because I can't stay signed in, and I can't access friends-only posts at all, even my own.

So, I left off with Chengdu. By the way, there was a little bit that was cut out of the last post because of bit of wrong code, so if you wondered why I was laughing about the green goat, you might want to go back and reread it. :-)

One of the other things I did in Sichuan was to visit a town near to Chengdu to see the tallest statue of Buddha in the world. I was sure that I had seen another statue billed as the "largest", but then I remembered that that one was laying on its side, so the one I saw probably is taller.

Anyway, it's located in a town called Leshan (Happy Mountain, which, you have to admit, is a great name for a town), and through a friend, we got a local guide (Alice), which is always a wonderful thing to have!

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Don't worry, there's still more to my vacation experiences that will be posted later!

Chengdu, part 1

Six lovely weeks of vacation! (I hear my friend Mirna groan)

Well, this update will be about the first part of my vacation, which was in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Most of you have heard of Sichuan food (almost all Chinese restaurants in America claim Sichuan (Szechuan) style food). It's very delicious, but I warn the foreigner (even those who may think that their tongues are tough) to be wary of native Sichuanese claims that "it's not hot".

I stayed with some friends from home, who have some lovely children, both of whom love to feed fish.
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Not a Tame Lion

New Year's, Macau, Finals

For New Year's Day, Karen, Yeeling, Angela, and I went to Macau for a short break. The most famous sight in Macau (which you may not have realized was in Macau) is St. Paul's.

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When we got back to Guangzhou, it was time for finals. I ended up giving the reading final for all 5 of my reading classes at once, and if I ever do that again, I'm going to have about twenty more teachers watching, I can tell you that. These kids cheat like you wouldn't believe, and it's really hard to catch them. Many teachers just give up, but my principles won't let me do that (although I kind of wish they would). So, yeah...not fun.

Also not fun: when four girls waylay you after the test to beg you not to give them zeros, even though they cheated and you took away their papers. I finally agreed to give them scores of 50 each (60 is passing), so that if they did well on the midterm and attended class regularly, they can still pass the class. When I started grading the papers, the strange thing was that all of their papers were missing! I think that they took them while I was cleaning up the room, so that I had no proof that they were cheating. Unfortunately for them, I also have no proof that they took the test at all now, and they fail.

I finished the finals week vowing to be more organized next term, so that grade-entering won't be so arduous at finals. We'll see if I keep that resolution.

Tomorrow I leave on my vacation--the first part of the break will be spent with friends in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province and spicy food. Wish me luck!
Mary's Boy Child


We've had some trouble with the internet lately...apparently the Taiwan earthquake messed up telecommunications from America to China, or at least that's the excuse they're using this week. Anyway, here's my Christmas post.

On Christmas Eve, I was able to be part of a special Christmas choir, which was lots of fun, and then that night, I attended a student party.

Then on Christmas Day, we had some American college students who came and visited some classes; after lunch, I talked to my family, which was wonderful. We opened presents from each other while talking on Skype. So here are some highlights of my haul. :-P

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That night, there was another party, this one much bigger, thrown by the English Association.

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On Boxing Day, we did have the day off. The contract officially says that we get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, but since Christmas Eve was a Sunday, we also got Boxing Day. In the morning, I talked to the extended family on Dad's side, and they sang for me. :-)

Then we decided to get off campus, since we had had to stick around most of the day for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We went to Yuexiu Park downtown, and it was beautiful.

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I was planning to add New Year's on here, but this is so picture-heavy already. Also, I'm having trouble with YouTube again, and there's a video I'd like to have on that post.

This was the first Christmas that I've ever spent away from home, and it was a little hard, but the parties and the park definitely helped. It also helped to think about the real meaning of

Midterms and Pets

First, there were midterms. Let me say, I never thought about my poor teachers at midterms before. I mean, most of my professors probably had TAs to do the written-test grading at least, but...poor TAs, then!

Midterms are a lot of work. (Sorry, no fun pictures there.) Not only is the written-test grading hard work, but oral tests are very exhausting. The thing is, you have to constantly be evaluating for one and a half (or in my case two days that week, three) hours at a time, and so you have to concentrate, and since I'm really an introvert, anyway...it was tough.

But I survived! That Saturday Karen and I went to a nearby town to buy a cat. I suppose that now would be an appropriate time for a picture, right?

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Of course, poor Alfred, or 爱福, promptly got sick, and we had to take him to the vet. He seems okay now, although still pretty thin, and incredibly whiny. Oh, and he's deathly afraid of the outdoors, and really likes to chew on (but not, as far as I know, eat) plastic, and still has a few fleas, even though we bathed him in baijiu (alchohol).

Speaking of pets, we were also pet foreigners for a friend of a friend.

What are pet foreigners? They are foreigners who are at some company or social event simply to be foreigners, basically.

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In other news, Thanksgiving happened. Karen and I did a nice semi-traditional meal and invited our American friend Eddie as well as some Chinese and Japanese coworkers.

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So now that Thanksgiving's over, it's Christmastime, right? Too bad it's not very Christmasy weather (in my understanding of the term, that is). There is one Christmasy thing on campus, though.

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Lift my Eyes

Belated Birthday, Carpenter's Wood

I never did post birthday pics, did I? Well, Collapse )

Early November brought Carpenter's Wood to our campus. They're a singing group from a college in America, and our students were overjoyed to meet them, although it was definitely a whirlwind visit. We had fun talking to them, and they did a great job singing.

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Next update: midterms and on being pet foreigners.