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Belated Birthday, Carpenter's Wood

I never did post birthday pics, did I? Well, here they are!

Early November brought Carpenter's Wood to our campus. They're a singing group from a college in America, and our students were overjoyed to meet them, although it was definitely a whirlwind visit. We had fun talking to them, and they did a great job singing.

All of the students wanted pictures with the singers, and some of them decided that now was the perfect time to ask for pictures with me, Jeffrey, and Karen, too. This is me with Jimmy, one of the third years. He's now left the school, because he found a job.

This is Happy, another third year.

Three of the singers.

There was a concert where the focus was Carpenter's Wood, but the students here also did some acts. The lovely young lady sang a beautiful song, and the dancers up there are doing something that's more of a game. There are several bamboo poles, and they click them together to a rhythm. The goal is to cross the poles without touching the poles. They pulled several of us up on stage, too, and it was fun, and not as hard as it looks.

Next update: midterms and on being pet foreigners.
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