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Midterms and Pets

First, there were midterms. Let me say, I never thought about my poor teachers at midterms before. I mean, most of my professors probably had TAs to do the written-test grading at least, but...poor TAs, then!

Midterms are a lot of work. (Sorry, no fun pictures there.) Not only is the written-test grading hard work, but oral tests are very exhausting. The thing is, you have to constantly be evaluating for one and a half (or in my case two days that week, three) hours at a time, and so you have to concentrate, and since I'm really an introvert, anyway...it was tough.

But I survived! That Saturday Karen and I went to a nearby town to buy a cat. I suppose that now would be an appropriate time for a picture, right?

What a lucky boy! Dancing with a pretty girl...

Lucky, indeed.

Of course, poor Alfred, or 爱福, promptly got sick, and we had to take him to the vet. He seems okay now, although still pretty thin, and incredibly whiny. Oh, and he's deathly afraid of the outdoors, and really likes to chew on (but not, as far as I know, eat) plastic, and still has a few fleas, even though we bathed him in baijiu (alchohol).

Speaking of pets, we were also pet foreigners for a friend of a friend.

What are pet foreigners? They are foreigners who are at some company or social event simply to be foreigners, basically.


Okay, so that guy was actually hired help, too. He's a Chairman Mao impersonator, which...AWESOME.

Some more of the entertainment.

Anyway, we got to see some of a nearby city (Shunde), and free hotal rooms and entertainment for the weekend! Plus, CHAIRMAN MAO IMPERSONATOR!!

In other news, Thanksgiving happened. Karen and I did a nice semi-traditional meal and invited our American friend Eddie as well as some Chinese and Japanese coworkers.

We had: boiled chicken (turkey's too expensive, and no oven), fried stuffing, mashed potatoes with Ikea brand swedish meatball gravy, a huge salad that almost no one ate, Orange Tang, a seaweed salad that Hara Sensei made, some daikon radish and octopus thing that Sensei also made, mantou bread, and fruit with caramel and M&Ms for dessert.

The Chinese and Japanese guests seemed especially confused by the mashed potatoes and the stuffing. ("Why are the potatoes all mushed up like that?")

So now that Thanksgiving's over, it's Christmastime, right? Too bad it's not very Christmasy weather (in my understanding of the term, that is). There is one Christmasy thing on campus, though.

P.S. I just realized it might be hard to tell what those are. They are poinsettas, on a tree. Yes, poinsettas are trees here.
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